Studio lighting practice session 1

A small, unassuming space can have a big impact. I got two studio softbox lights and a reflector on Amazon. I hung some black stage curtains on the wall in my garage, set up a chair and the lights, and positioned my husband with a reflector to do some quick studio lighting practice. The space was lit by an overhead light that is the garage light and the two softbox lights angled in front from both sides.

I don't have any experience using a reflector, only watching someone else direct it, and back then I didn't understand much about it. I understand now that it is meant to soften shadows by reflecting light back into them. A photographer in a YouTube video I watched on the subject said that reflectors should be pointed at the model from above rather than below considering you would not shine any other light from below unless you are trying to be spooky.

My objective with the reflector was to shine it from different directions and see how the pictures look later. This is the first of many practice sets of studio lighting.

The pictures were taken with a canon rebel t5. I chose not to worry about settings and used automatic settings because the only principle of the shoot was getting comfortable with other equipment. My models are my mother-in-law, Debra and my daughter, Sakura. It was close to bedtime, so they're in their jammies.

I initially dreamed of operating a portrait studio out of my garage for clients who want that style of shoot. Before I go as far as to do that, I need to get comfortable with lighting. Even then, I might rent a studio space per session away from my home.

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