Memphis Comic and Fantasy Con 2021 with a green screen booth

My second convention was closer to home at Memphis Comic and Fantasy Con, which I had been to several times before as a regular attendee. This was my first time setting up a photobooth, selling pictures per digital image rather than per time frame. It was a lot more successful, financially, than the last convention I worked.

The set up consisted of my backdrop and two tables. With the way my space in the dealers' room was set up, my backdrop was against a wall with my table across the walkway, perpendicular. I brought my printer hoping to sell prints, but technical difficulties kept me from using it a lot; I sold one print.

The event was an absolute success! I did 25 green screen edits and the Polaroids did well. I had two assistants, but the table was easy to manage even by myself.

I have plans for more strategies for future conventions, like keeping one hour a day available to book full photoshoots.

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