Becoming Delirium

These digital photos depict the transition from costume to character. Cosplayers at comic conventions play different personalities through their day, and how much of which part varies from each player. One part is the original identity of the person in the costume who makes decisions such as what is a safe interaction with other fans at their convention events or what to have for lunch; the other part of their personality is the character the costume depicts which can be seen posing for photo ops, speaking lines from their comic/movie/book... to full immersion improv acting (which is rare.) 

I am the object of your affection

These digital photos are practice shots from a larger series, The Object of my Affection, I made for a film photography class.

Each topic addressed something that is precious to me. This collection addresses myself as precious to someone else even with, or despite, my grimacing facial tic among other personal problems.

I used water in a milk bath scene to depict loveliness and value of the subject of the images.

Barth Umulation

These digital photos were taken for an assignment in an intermediate digital photography course to emulate another artist's work. I chose images by Uta Barth and added a domestic theme.