photo of Alison Rushing wearing a blue dress standing on red flower petals.

About Me

In gaming, a bunny malkavian is a vampire played wrongly. To do it the Bunny Malkavian way is to turn it all on it's head and make it one's own.

Cosplay is my creative passion. I love the magic that comes with bringing my favorite characters to life. I got into photography for more opportunities to "play" cosplay. Photography allows one to preserve their art and continue to play not just at conventions and events, but by sharing pictures online too.

I am a photographer residing just outside of Memphis, Tennessee. I  graduated from the University of Memphis in December 2019 with a bachelor's in interdisciplinary studies in journalism and art. I studied photography, sculpture, and news journalism.​

I have formal training in using a DSLR in manual mode, editing in Camera Raw and Adobe Photoshop, and developing and printing film. I put my skills into practice by doing conceptual and cosplay photography.

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